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East Coast

Sri Lanka is east coast, has long been the secret destination for the better informed. Trincomalee (or more commonly just Trinco) is the largest town and has been the home of one of the world’s natural harbors. It was a major trading hub during the ancient kingdoms of  Anuradhapura, and later Polonnaruwa, also with  the ports of eastern India and Indonesia.

The Dutch first settled at Batticaloa, while the British strived over Trinco. There are miles of glorious beaches stretching from Kuchchiveli, to the north of Trinco, south to Passikudah, Arugambay and Kumana National Park at the island’s South Eastern point. The beaches of Passikudah Bay are an attraction for water sports and relaxation.

The nearby village of Kalkudah has retained its original charm.  In addition to great beaches along the coast is some world class surfing spots, seasonal whale and dolphin watching, and some spectacular diving areas. Trinco is a quiet town and easy to explore. Fort Frederick and the Maritime Museum are both accessed from the Dutch Bay.

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All about beaches

Sri Lanka is a beach lovers paradise .There is a greater number of beaches in the country, which are beautiful, and worth a visit for everyone who travels. There are so many to choose from, which each offers different views, activities and experience from each other. From partying, surfing, diving, to luxury and  virgin paradise; there is a Sri Lankan beach for everything.

The best beaches in Sri Lanka comes from the South Coast to the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka. The main beaches that will be covered in our itineraries will include Bentota, Galle, Unawatuna and Mirissa, and in the East Trincomalee, Passikudah and Arugam Bay.

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Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s hill country is the islands most picturesque sight. The peaks of the hills are wrapped with the mist that gives the most astonishing view. Also, the carpeted tea fields will give you a real insight on how the best cup of tea in the world has been brought in.

Visit the Kandy city, the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka and enjoy the drumbeat in the evening ceremony at the historical temple of tooth relic. Enjoy the train ride to Ella, feel beauty of one the world’s most picturesque train rides, and see the first rays of the sunrise while on the summit of the little Adams Peak. Visit the little town of Nuwara Eliya, which is known as little England, which will take you back to the British Colonial days. Sit near a waterfall and feel the spray of the cold water while you watch a rainbow emerge through every droplet.

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Nature and Wild Life

Despite being small, Sri Lanka is home for the untamed world when it comes to wildlife. It is one of the top five hotspots for biodiversity in the world and boasts one of the highest rates of biological endemism. With this in mind, it is totally unacceptable to go to Sri Lanka and not to make it to the most of the range of creatures that inhabit within the country’s stunning national parks. Expect to see the exotic creatures such as the Sri Lankan leopard, the sloth bear while witnessing herds of Elephants, sambar deers and colorful birds. The must visit national parks includes Yala, Udawalawe, Minneriya, Willpattu, Horton Plains and Sinharaja Forest reserve.

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Nuwara Eliya

This cool hill area of Sri Lanka was once hidden under the wilderness with a thick forest and jungle. It was more dedicated to the sambars and the leopards. Located around the 2524 m mountain Mount Pedro. Which is Sri Lanka’s highest mountain. This hill area was “discovered” by the British colonial officer John Davy back in 1819, who decided to build a sanatorium here. The town Nuwara Eliya was founded in 1846 by Samuel Baker, an explorer that also discoverer Lake Albert in Uganda and explored the Nile river. Nuwara Eliya, which means “City of Light,” soon became a favorite cool-climate escape for the British as well as a “home away from home” as it turned to be the little England. Soon the British discovered that the climate was conducive to grow their vegetables and fruits such as carrots and strawberries.

Further, it soon became a hub for the tea plantation. Travelling to Nuwara Eliya will take you to the colonial era of Sri Lanka by experiencing the colonial architecture to the perfectly manicured gardens.

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Elle is located in a valley at about 1000M, where it is surrounded by hills. Located in the hill country, Ella stands as one of the most Instagramable  locations in this magical island. Ella is also a spectacular place for hiking.

You can hike from the Ella town to the little Adams peak. Views are spectacular on a clear day. Your hikes will pass through the tea plantations with smiling men and women picking tea leaves. The tea leaf plants give the entire countryside a unique look.

Getting to Ella by train is quite a beautiful journey, as Sri Lanka is also the home to the most picturesque train rides in the world. It will give you the best views while leaving an everlasting experience.

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Galle Fort

The Galle Fort is a fascinating colonial experience. Dip yourself in this utterly extraordinary area and explore the cobblestone-paved streets suffused in history. Discover the stunning Dutch architecture. Walk on the massive ramparts, which rest on the end of the ocean, which stands beyond three centuries that protect a Dutch enclave.

Today the Galle fort is a vibrant, bustling area. It is a complete area with courts, schools, administrative buildings and churches.

More than this, it is the hidden restaurants, art galleries, crafts boutiques, and spice shops which are found down the historic streets. Also, experience the newly refurbished Dutch architectural villas, which is today offered with all the luxury amenities. Explore the Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex, and soak in the ambience as you enjoy the ultimate retail experience, browsing through gorgeous little shops and finding unique handicrafts in beautiful old buildings.

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Colombo is the largest city on the island and is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. It consist of a vibrant mix of cultures, along with religious diversity. With current ongoing construction, many modern sky scrapers Colombo is nearly going to be a modern metropolitan hub.

The main streets, lined with colonial buildings and ancient trees, the 17th century Dutch canal system and lakes still exist between the urban houses and high-rise buildings account for the landscape of the city.

The famous Galle Road, which leads to the southern city of Galle along the south-west coast, is a great pathway, which is lined with shops and buildings and just a stone’s throw away from the Indian Ocean.

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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (PEO) ; just as the name suggests holds a unique disposition in the ex-situ animal care. It’s success and fame has travelled not just within the country but throughout the world to an extent where Pinnawala synonymous with the Sri Lankan Elephant.

Currently being a home to 93 elephants the concept was actualized by the late Hon. Minister Kalugalle on the 16th of February 1975.  Pinnawala at the time was a very remote area with lush coconut plantations and most importantly an area where the availability of mahouts was not lacking. Also the immense amount of water required by the elephants is supplemented with the availability of “Ma oya” running close by.

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Yala National Park

Yala National Park is located in the south-east corner of Sri Lanka and is the most popular destination for wildlife. The Leopards account for the main attraction of the park, while Yala is said to be having to have the world’s highest concentration of these big cats.

During the dry season, which spans from June to September, large concentrations of mugger crocodile can be seen in the dwindling waterholes. Yala is also an excellent birding destination with close to 300 species recorded.

The varied landscapes from lagoons and beaches to rocky outcrops, immersed among the scrub jungle is also a treat as you search out the park’s wildlife. Further north, the Gal Oya National Park has a large seasonal gathering of wild elephant in search of food.

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Over the past years Arugambay has renowned as one of  best surfing destinations in the world, many surfing events are held each year as it has been able to attract many international level surfers. Arugambay is located on southeast coast of the island in close proximity to the Kumana National Park, which is one of the best places for birdwatchers.

The magnificent waters surrounding the crescent -shaped curl of soft golden sand is known to be one of the best ‘point brakes’ in the world. Experience and ride through the splendid waves of the ocean as they break in an adrenaline-charged rush. Surfing is best in Arugam bay during the season of April to October each year.