Our responsible tourism practices include protecting the environment, respecting local culture, making a positive impact on the people of our community.

What are we doing exactly?

Sustainable Accommodation

We ensure that our accommodations partners are Eco-friendly and Socially Aware, as they would minimize impact to the environment while making your stay comfortable. We rate our hotel partners on a regular basis based on our self-assessment on how they contribute to the local community and environment.

We respect the Culture

One of the things that makes Sri Lanka such a fascinating and exciting place is the Cultural Heritage. There by we have worked hard to integrate the cultural experience all our tours.

Given a small country, cultures, traditions can vary from destination to destination you travel. For the most inspiring experiences possible, we always encourage guests and clients to keep an open mind and respect our local culture.

Support Local Communities

By supporting local communities, enterprises and organizations that contribute to environmental and cultural causes, we're able to maximize the benefits which tourism can contribute on the locals and their economy.Hence, we encourage guests to maximize their involvement sustainable tourism activities, shop at fair-trade shops, or dine in restaurants run by locals.

What you will be doing exactly?

You will contribute USD 1 for each night you travel with us, to our partner sustainability foundation, where they deeply engage in responsible activities for reforestation and community development.

About “Prasad Lokubalasooriya Charity”

A philanthropist named “Prasad Lokubalasooriya” formed this charity. For the last few years it has been engaged in many community development events in many under privileged parts of Sri Lanka. Their work includes drinking water supply, education assistance for children, renovating of public & religious buildings and other environmental initiatives such as reforestation.

Our highlights.

If you wish to contribute more, visit the charity page

Follow the below bank details for your contribution

Bank Name: Sampath Bank Super Branch Gampaha

Account Number: 1212 5493 5589

Swift code: BSAMLKLX